Our Oregon Coast Tree Houses rent for $49.50 per night. They have two beds, just enough for two adults and two or three kids or four adults. Camp Map

No pets allowed in the cabins

The beds are doubles and have pads. You need to bring sleeping bags or linens. They include a microwave, small refrigerator, a cable TV connection (so you can bring a TV) and heat. Outside each tree-house is a fire pit, charcoal barbecue and picnic table.25888_112069792163161_5000178_n
For $5.50 per night extra bring a small tent and set it up under the Tree-house. The kids can ‘camp out’ and let Mom and Dad get a good nights sleep. Works great.

We have 6 Tree-houses Numbers C1-C6 on our camp map.
Rates include tax

We do have restrooms and showers for your convenience.

Absolutely  NO SUB LEASING of our cabins