Siletz River offers some of the best Salmon and Steelhead fishing on the Oregon Coast!

mark1Within minutes of Lincoln City the Siletz River has a Chinook salmon run which begins in late June running through November. A healthy Coho run starts mid-September. Many of the Salmon are caught in tidewater where nickel bright fish are the rule rather than the exception.


Not only terrific Winter Steelhead options from December to March, but a good Summer Steelhead run is also available on the Siletz River. Most fishing activity for Steelhead takes place further upstream out of tidewater.

Getting to know the river takes time. It may be a good idea to hire one of the area guides. We recommend them highly. Our local guides use a variety of techniques depending on water conditions and the time of year. They know which river slots produce the best catches and if using bait or hardware will be most productive. Even if you have your own boat a day with a fishing guide could make all the difference. They will make your trip on the water a memorable one.

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Siletz River Levels
WaterLevelsParticularly in the winter, the Siletz River should be in OK Steelhead fishing shape if the gauge at Siletz reads between 4 and a bit over 7 feet, especially if the level is dropping. The absolute ideal level is very close to 5.5 feet. Plunking with bait is more often successful in higher, off-color water up to 8.5 feet, with ideal conditions for this method in the 7- or 7.5-foot neighborhood. In much of summer and often into early fall, the level will almost always be low, but fish can be taken.
Siletz river fishing guides.
Siletz river fishing guides.
Siletz river fishing guides.